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About and Offset Media

Established under the Offset Media retail group, is an integral part of our vast network that spreads across 27+ sales channels, including major platforms like Amazon and eBay. Along with these, we’re affiliated with numerous niche e-commerce sites, collectively known as “The Seller Family”.

Having launched in 2023, stands as our premier shopping hub, boasting an inventory of over 10,000 unique product lines. Our growth trajectory shows no signs of slowing down. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to an eco-friendly approach and an unmatched customer experience.

Our Origins

A Journey from Digital Design to Online Retail

Offset Media has its roots in 2003 when it began as a modest web design and branding studio. Founded by three enthusiastic individuals, our operations quickly scaled from crafting small websites to collaborating with global brands. With a reach that impacted millions worldwide, Offset Media was on the rise.

However, navigating the ever-evolving web development landscape led to the original founders parting ways. But from these changes, Offset Media pivoted from B2B services to a B2C model, transitioning into online retail with just 1 hundred products. Our inventory has since flourished exponentially.

“We are a network of independent sellers, selling across a network of sales channels.”

Tarkan Paphiti CEO

The Seller Family

A Global Network of Sellers

The online retail landscape, though lucrative, is fraught with challenges. As pioneers in the field, we’ve encountered them all. Recognizing the growing trend of businesses and individuals moving to online retail, we offer a holistic solution that covers integration, warehousing, and fulfilment. Our expertise extends to marketing strategies, pricing, and product insights. Moreover, we open doors for sellers to display their products across our 27+ sales channels, instantly amplifying their global visibility.

Envisioning the Future

Our ambition is to continually expand our product range and establish a formidable presence in the online retail sector. We aim to rival giants like Amazon, not just in customer service but by being entirely seller-focused which is decisively missing in the current climate. Our focus is on niche, value-for-money products that elude most shoppers.

While independent online retailers hold immense potential, major platforms often overlook their needs. Unlike them, we embrace a sales channel-agnostic approach, maximizing reach for our Seller Family products. In the vast arena of online retail, our principle is simple:

Facilitate swift and substantial sales, ensuring we always prioritize integrity and our customers’ interests.

What is "The Seller Family"?

A brand new concept in Online Retail

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