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Our Impact

At Offset Media we put our ethical responsibility and sustainability at the core of our daily processes.

Productivity for all types of business is key but what if there was a way to operate that enables sustainable practices and ethical responsibility without sacrificing productivity?

We realise that this is a tall order the state of currently accepted business practices, but things are moving in a positive direction. We have been running a plethora of initiatives that directly integrate with our practices and daily processes and we hope to continually expand upon these initiatives as our agile business grows.

Our 100% Paper and Cardboard Waste Recycling Programme

Stocks and consumables that come into our warehousing arrive in various protective packaging of all shapes, sizes, and types. We now recycle 100% of our inbound cardboard and paper waste using the following methods.

20% of cardboard boxes are repurposed

Where possible we reused protective packaging that stocks arrive to us in. This involves remapping boxes to best fit our outgoing orders with any scraps recycled through our other means detailed here.

Remaining 10% of cardboard is recycled locally

Any remaining cardboard waste that we cannot reuse ourselves we recycle through independent recycling banks.

70% of cardboard is reused as packing material

The majority of our inbound cardboard waste is given a second life through in-house processes. Including repurposing cardboard scraps and paper as a superior filling material to protect all the orders we ship.

Paper Free by 2024

Currently we limited the amount of paper we produced for in-house purposes however we aim to be completely paper free by 2024. Currently all internal paper waste is recycled as reusable packing material.

In-house Plastic Waste Recycling Initiatives

By working with and supporting opensource plastic recycling initiatives we are working on the development of several processes that will enable us to be a net contributor to plastic recycling by 2025. Our goal is to be able to recycle more plastic than we currently produce and put out into the market.

Manufacturing using plastic waste

We are moving towards a situation whereby many of our 3D Printed products will be manufactured using recycled plastics that we process in-house – using opensource engineering solutions and leveraging the 3D Printing community at large.

Our plans also involve developing a buy back service that enables both our customers, collectors, and casual buyers to sell back to us their unwanted toy, DVD & Blu-ray products for repurposing as recycled plastics or for resale or refurbishment to give them a new lease of life and enjoyment!

Ecological Charitable Works

A percentage of our sales profits are donated to charitable organisations that are focused on the protection of natural habitats and the environment including the Fresh Water Life Project.

The Freshwater Life Project was created by a small team of independent researchers in the hope of making real changes to support, protect and preserve aquatic habitats all around the world.

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